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TZM: Response to FBI targeting Political Activists as Terrorists

As many students of history are familiar, Galileo Galilei, famed
mathematician & astronomer, known today by many as the “father of modern
science”, was forced by the Catholic Church under threat of torture to
recant his “heretical” view that the earth revolved around the sun and
not vice-versa in the 17th century. This scientifically valid idea voided
long held religious dogma and hence challenged the Church's integrity

In a letter from 1634, René Descartes, one of the world's most noted
thinkers and philosophers, stated:
“Doubtless you know that Galileo was recently censored by the Inquisitors
of the Faith, and that his views about the movement of the earth were
condemned as heretical. I must tell you that all the things I explained in
my treatise, which included the doctrine of the movement of the earth, were
so interdependent that it is enough to discover that one of them is false
to know that all the arguments I was using are unsound.  Though I thought
they were based on very certain and evident proofs, I would not wish, for
anything in the world, to maintain them against the authority of the
church.... I desire to live in peace and to continue the life I have begun
under the motto to 'live well you must live unseen'.”

If we step back and think about the challenges that faced this small
progressive and scientific community during 17th Century Europe and compare
the fear and patterns of suppression coming from the established orthodoxy
of that time to that of the modern-day, we find only mere variation.
Descartes' revelation and retreat from exposure, as expressed by the motto:
'to live well you must live unseen' is a disheartening disposition that
speaks volumes and sadly carries on to this day across the world. The use
of fear, intimidation and other time tested variations of oppression
continue to persist as the dominant institutions of our society work to
protect it's established orders regardless of social validity. Even more,
the overall cultural itself, which invariably tends to support the accepted
beliefs put forward by those that define “power” of a period, also
tends to condemn those who choose to pose a challenge as it becomes a
threat to the mass accepted identity itself.

The result is that many simply are not willing to risk their lives,
occupations and reputations to challenge the orthodoxy of the time.

In late May 2011 news reports were generated that detailed how the Federal
Bureau of Investigation in the United States was actively targeting
“Political Activists” under the pretense of “Terrorism”.

Just as people like John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr. were watched and
harassed by the FBI for their activism decades ago, it appears modern,
so-called “Anti-Terrorism” resources are  being used to target
environmentalists, peace, animal and political activists.

Just like the accusations of “Communism” against people like MLK Jr. in
the mid 20th century, this newer, more generalized device called
“Terrorism” of the 21st century is no less an “heretical”,
accusatory tool than what was employed by the Inquisition century's ago to
maintain the politico-religious social system.

So, we can sympathize with Descartes' notion, as to move against the
Zeitgeist is to position yourself against the odds, regardless of how
empirical, necessary or obvious the truth you wish to convey and act upon

Unfortunately, Descartes' position is unacceptable in the modern world. The
risks that now exist within our current order are beginning to far outweigh
the temporal personal risks generated by the act of activist objection

It is no longer issues of accurate data, “rights” and “freedoms”.
Today our very stability as a civilization is now in question and, if left
unhindered, it threatens us all, regardless of one's position in the modern
feudal hierarchy.

So, we can sit in confusion and watch as global unemployment rises due to
technological unemployment and the resulting regional instability that is
sure to grow. We can stare blankly at the systematic debt collapse of the
world economy, country by country, like dominos, as self-appointed global
banking institutions that derive money out of nothing impose austerity
measures against the poor and middle class of each country to help support
the wealthy, furthering the income divide.

We can twiddle our thumbs as what we have called “democracy” turns
inexplicably into global plutocracy and the world economy becomes measured
by how much money the rich move around amongst themselves. We can distract
ourselves with our little gadgets as the rain-forests – considered by
many to be the “lungs” of this planet – are destroyed at faster and
faster rates, reducing our ability to absorb the growing CO2 in the
atmosphere. We can keep the TV on as the clean water and food shortages
that currently affect over 1 billion people continue to grow to 2
billion... 3 billion. We can scan the tabloids at the grocery store news
stands as the very basis of industrial civilization, the Hydrocarbon
Economy, inches towards crisis scarcity with virtually no active initiative
taken to change course.

We can continue to pretend that our “leaders” are anything but
“mis-leaders”, set in motion by monetary commercial interests that
follow the rules of the free-market with all legislation and offices going
to the highest bidder, one way or another... and we can stand amused as a
new global arms race gains speed as each country comes to terms with the
very real reality that wars for resources are upon us in a way unlike any
period in history.

This is what separates our world from the one Descartes hid from.

The fact is, the fear tactics of the Orthodoxy - in this context the FBI or
any such “Intelligence Agency” - are no longer worthy of viable concern
or even acknowledgment. At no time in history has any true social change
come in a manner that was not opposed with hostility by the dominant orders
of the time. If you choose fear, then fear exists and those little
lists/tactics held by the Intelligence/Police Agencies have merit. If you
choose choose love, pride and self-respect then no accusations, lists, or
threats can ever stop you. The trick now is in numbers and if we can gain
critical mass and override the “divide and conquer” techniques used to
keep the orthodoxy in place, the game is over.

The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability activist group working to
bring the world together for the common goal of species sustainability
before it is too late. It is a social movement, not a political one, with
over 1100 chapters across nearly all countries. Divisionary notions such as
nations, governments, races, political parties, religions, creeds or class
are non-operational distinctions in the view of The Movement. Rather, we
recognize the world as one system and the human species as a singular unit,
sharing a common habitat. Our overarching intent could be summarized as
“the application of the scientific method for social concern.”

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