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Tap Water Toxins: Is Your Water Trying to Kill You?
Video: Tap Water Toxins: Is Your Water Trying to Kill You?
What you need to know about the water contaminations the EPA considers so toxic their standard should be zero!

New Guidelines for Safe Usage of Colloidal Silver

Finally! Knowing how to select a high quality product, and following these simple directives, can allow you to safely take full advantage of this marvelous natural antibiotic.

Stunning Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Don’t view these photos unless you have a few minutes of free time as these photos have a magical quality about them that is mesmerizing!

Why Economics Drives Most Food Options You Have

Most people are simply unaware of the powerful financial influences that are making them overweight.

Cornography: A Video You Need to See
Video: Cornography:  A Video You Need to See
Why do Americans consume more corn than any other country in the world?

Shocking Surprises About Those Mammograms...

Why risk missing detecting cancer with a questionable technology?
Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action

From Alaska to Maine, Montana to New Mexico, Native American activists are fighting the "New Indian Wars" to both preserve their sovereignty and protect Indian lands against disastrous environmental hazards. Nearly all Indian nations sit on land threatened by toxic waste, strip mining, oil drilling and nuclear contamination. At time when 30 years of environmental law is being dismantled, Native Americans are organizing to fight corporations and government.

2:30pm EST :: Tues, Feb 10

Beyond Treason

It reveals a history of profiteering by chemical companies such as Monsanto who used war as an occasion to sell their latest products, such as agent orange. The film gives details of US government testing of chemicals on its own citizens such as Operation Whitecoat and MKUltra. The film makes a compelling case that this policy is responsible for Gulf War syndrome, still referred to by the US military as a 'mystery illness'.

12:30pm EST :: Mon, Feb 9
5:30pm EST :: Wed, Feb 11

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August in the Empire State

The 2004 Presidential Election was one of the most politically divisive moments in recent American history. Amidst the division, the Republican Party held its first ever convention in New York City, a potent symbol for both President Bush and the local progressives energized to defeat him. .

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book cover

The Truthdig Book Review Edited by Steve Wasserman
"David Rieff on ‘Africa’s World War’

" -- Why does the Darfur violence arouse outrage but the slaughter of millions more in Congo does not? An indispensable new book by Gerard Prunier attempts an answer by combining cool analysis and scholarly dispassion without losing sight of the horror of its subject.

Davos Walk-Off

Sandy Tolan on the Gaza Spat in Davos
"Erdogan, Peres and the Souffl├ęs of Davos

" -- Dear Mr. Prime Minister: I write with grave concern over your impertinent remarks to the president of Israel at the World Economic Forum last week, which threatened to delay dinner for hundreds of extremely important global thinkers.

Barack Obama and Howard Dean

Chip Fleischer on Howard Dean for HHS
"Howard Dean Should Have Been Obama’s Pick All Along

" -- Now that Tom Daschle has withdrawn his name from the running to be health and human services secretary, President Obama should revisit the idea of nominating former Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean for the position, an idea he abandoned last November for all the wrong reasons.


Marie Cocco on Wall Street Greed
"Dear Wall Street

" -- The reason you are such a big story is that you’ve stolen our money. Or at least that’s how most of the country sees it. You think those auto executives looked bad when they flew into Washington on their private jets? Just you wait.

Joe Conason on the Stimulus Debate
"Stimulus Skeptics Wrong (Again)

" -- Mythology is overshadowing history in the debate over Obama’s plan to stimulate the depressed economy. Excessive airtime is devoted to the prejudices of cable hosts and radio personalities who regurgitate ideas they barely understand.

E.J. Dionne on the Stimulus Media Wars
"GOP Revs Up the Spin on Stimulus

" -- Republicans have been winning the media wars over Obama’s central initiative. They have done so largely by defining the proposal by its least significant parts.

Ellen Goodman on the Octuplets and Ethics
"Eight Is (More Than) Enough

" -- It turns out that the woman who recently gave birth to eight babies already had six in vitro kids at home, no spouse, no job and a pending bankruptcy. There’s a word for this achievement of medicine’s reproductive business: nuts.

William Pfaff on Washington Politics
"In Washington, Public Policy and Private Wealth Are Hopelessly Tangled

" -- Barack Obama in Washington reminds one of Diogenes in Athens, with his lantern in search of an honest man.

David Sirota on Obama's Disappointing Lackeys
"A Team of Zombies

" -- Only weeks ago, the political world was buzzing about a “team of rivals,” but instead President Obama has populated his administration with Bush yes-men and Wall Street kleptocrats whose discredited theologies cannot be killed.

we had to conquer Grenada before they conquered us

you can be the experimentals and I'll be the control

here's a disturbing forecast

an explanation of/link to
; who writes/edits articles

How Dangerous is Your Daily Shower?
Video: The Unholy Alliance Between Psychiatrists and Psychotropic Drugs: 36,000 Deaths a Year?
You wouldn’t knowingly load yourself up with potentially harmful chemicals and pollutants, would you? Well, a typical shower can expose you to nearly 10 times more chlorine than you’d get by drinking unfiltered tap water all day long. Not to mention other contaminants. See my simple and easy solution for a truly smart and healthful shower.

Freaky Facts about Spray-On Tans: Are You in Danger?

A tan gives the appearance of health because if obtained naturally, it is. Fake it with chemicals to “look healthy,” and you won’t like what you get.

Most Clever Billboard Advertising You Have Ever Seen

Some extremely creative uses of billboards.

The Unholy Alliance Between Psychiatrists and Psychotropic Drugs: 36,000 Deaths a Year?
Video: The Unholy Alliance Between Psychiatrists and Psychotropic Drugs: 36,000 Deaths a Year?
Comprehensive video expose on the shocking practices of the psychiatric profession. You need to know this information for you, your family and friends.

Here’s Your Chance to Change the FDA - I Need Your Help on This One

Americans continue to suffer and die because of the FDA. Take the time to help reform the FDA and stop this injustice.
fda playbook...follow the money

"holocaust" gas chamber analysis by an expert

emanuel has a plan for the 2nd Amendment

and he's not the only one

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