Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Trying to maintain a separate identity in a world that attempts at every twist and turn to treat citizens as cattle, just another cow in the herd, just gets harder and harder.
Nothing illustrates our predicament more than the TSA routine every time a citizen flies.

You can sail right through this demeaning task if your a person of wealth and can use the 1st class line.
But most people don't have the extra money lying around to fly first class, usually about 5-6 times the price of a general ticket.
 Citizens are herded into RAMPS that are designed to keep us in line till its our turn to be stunned.
Passengers gaze fleetingly at each other as they await their turn.
When you finally get to the first station you present your PAPERS to the brightly uniformed official at the gateway.
We are then directed to the next area where you virtually strip everything off and wait till you are called to go through the SCANNER!.
"Put your hands up and don't move"
 Then you are directed to stand on two little feet that are directly in front of you as you exit and their you wait, I suppose its for the OFFICIAL to give the clearance.
 When you get the clearance you are directed to the place where all your clothing and personal items have been deposited, at the end of a conveyer belt.
There are no seats for you to sit in, nor are there any tables for you to move to.
You are expected to put yourself together right at the conveyor belt, and there is more stuff coming at you as you attempt to do this. You, are not a person, you have no identity, you are just passenger and all passengers are possible terrorists.
The worst of it is, having to endure all this at the hands of people that most likely are not qualified to be movie ushers.
 Ridiculously overstaffed, they seem to be milling around a randomly.
 And almost all of them seem to be having a great time, just listen in to the conversations of these people while you wait for your turn.
 It's the kind of stuff you hear when your in the mall, or riding the bus.
Truly inane!
 Thank you George W Bush for creating such a absurd bureaucracy.
 This nightmare is obviously something that could only have been dreamed by Bush its so laughable, except its not funny.

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