Monday, January 9, 2012

Zeitgeist movement

Dear Friends,

In the wake of the old year turning into the new, we find ourselves with a
world unchanged. Or has it? The tremendous effort put out by individuals
yourselves alike has had an impact and here is why!

Continued Financial crisis, Occupy & entering the Mainstream media and

2011 was the year that opened the eyes to many, that the financial crisis
was not a temporary event but an ongoing process that is not self-resolving
but needs to be looked at thoroughly in order to be solved. Denial of
crisis has been made impossible by many including the the Occupy movement
late 2011 by demanding change in the form of protest. Consequently a lot of
discussion has been raised about the functioning of our social and economic
systems, hence allowing us to put forward information about and arguments
in favour of a Resource Based Economic Model.

Various Chapters have reported priceless opportunities to appear and
comment on national/commercial television in their countries and to speak
on behalf of The Zeitgeist Movement trying to communicate our shared
“train of thought”. Many chapters have had great success on the streets
and hosting various events such as Zday’s, Media Festivals and of course
Moving Forward screenings. While an immediate “skyrocketing”growth did
not occur, seeds for thought were planted amongst many individuals whom may
at some point reach the conclusion as have you and i; that we are in
serious shit and and if we do not drastically change how we operate our
society, we will be in even more.

The Movement and Moving Forward:

This past year has been tremendously turbulent on all levels of
participation. It can be said with certainty that a young organised
movement as ours has been put to the test in various ways such as:

- Inhibition of participation of individuals due to a lack of financial
- Public mockery by various parties or media
- Organisational differences and consequential split with The Venus Project
- Various administrative, technical and organisational challenges

However, we are still here and more solid and determined than ever. Soon to
be published in some form an overview of Chapters will show how far our
message is spreading. And we should continue to spread this information and
engage our community on all levels possible. Some things to look forward to
this year:

- Regular/Monthly Updates (Audio&Video) on what our worldwide chapters are
doing and coverage of events & media appearances
- TZM Blog interlinked with various global & chapter sites in order to
spread news and announcements fast and effective
- More Global Campaigns executed by all or groups of Chapters
- More and bigger Global event days
- New people standing up to communicate the movement to the public on a
“speakers”level ( could be you?)
- Improved and additional guides for various target audiences
(Chapters,Newcomers etc)
- Further solidifying of our organisation and daily operation as to have it
operate in the background

Hopefully we will get through to even more people and groups of people. We
will have to do it together. Respectfully not everyone can participate with
the same time and energy, but if we all do our part we are undeniable.
Being one of the few working on the Global Administration i can safely say
that we are not 500.000 strong, its more than that. And if we assume the
“train of thought” to be the core reason of this movement’s
existence, we are even bigger.

Motion implies the movement of something in particular and in this specific
case requires the participation of individuals like us communicating
this”train of thought”to others in order to arrive at a desired
destination. Therefore i ask of yourselves a continuation of participation
and of those of you that are new or not currently in a Chapter to join or
start your local chapter and lend a hand if you are in the liberty to do
so. I know i will keep doing my best to move this movement forward this
year and hopefully many to come (provided a RBEM has not been adopted in
the meantime haha) and i hope you will do the same. It is our world after
all, and natural or out of world threats on the side, we are the only
one’s that can change it.

Gilbert Ismail
Global Chapters Administration (Team Head)
The Zeitgeist Movement

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