Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tyrants gone wild

by Kurt Nimmo

The establishment of a repressive police state apparatus to enforce an ever increasing number of petty laws and regulations is a deliberate and vital component of the global elite's plan to turn the world into a gulag and plantation.
Over the last few months, we have witnessed a number of tyrannical incidents indicating that government - including local government, now largely federalized - is moving in an increasingly authoritarian direction. These include:

  • Strangling the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. For instance, the federal government is attempting to constrict the Second Amendment by handing down an edict - not a law, but a mandate from the Justice Department to be enforced by a renegade ATF - stating that gun dealers in border states selling more than two semi-autos larger than .22 caliber with detachable magazines to individuals must report to the government. An Alex Jones employee reports that a friend who bought two semi-autos in Texas was recently visited by the feds. The decree from on-high came down supposedly in response to gun smuggling from the United States into Mexico despite the fact the ATF was caught red-handed smuggling guns into Mexico.
  • Active and pernicious attempts to kill the First Amendment. In Gould, Arkansas, the city council has moved to ban all gatherings and groups, no matter how small from discussing city matters without prior permission from the authorities. This obviously unconstitutional proposed law would reach into the private residences of citizens, a brazen act that is reminiscent of British redcoats breaking up private meetings held by colonialists. In the past, such actions led directly to revolution and armed conflict.
  • In Quartzsite, Arizona, a woman was arrested for speaking her mind during a city council meeting. In response to national publicity about the incident, the council, at the behest of the police chief, declared martial law in the town.
  • A myriad of laws and regulations designed to strip citizens of their natural right to private property, the very cornerstone of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, a woman was threatened with arrest and jail time by local officials for the crime of planting a vegetable garden on her property. After the story went viral on and other alternative media sites, irate officials said her dogs were not licensed and they threatened to penalize her.
  • Absurd and petty denial of personal freedom, including the police preventing young schools girls from selling lemonade in Midway, Georgia. Earlier this month, local authorities claimed the grade schoolers did not have a business license and were in violation of the law.
  • During the dog and pony show that is the debt ceiling debate in Congress, Obama vindictively threatened to deny senior citizens, many of fixed incomes, their Social Security benefits in order to make a political point. More and more, government considers citizens as little more than dispensable pawns on a political chessboard. Denying food and medicine to the most vulnerable in society is merely another tactic for a parasitical and criminal government when it wants to force its agenda on the people.
  • More than any other example, the TSA stands out as a paragon of authoritarian government gone wild in its wanton abuse of the people it supposedly serves. The airport (and now train and bus station) Gestapo agency has violated the constitutional rights of millions of people, including small children, the handicapped, the elderly and even helpless people confined to wheelchairs. Despite numerous studies determining the radiation danger of naked body scanners and the violations verging on sexual molestation of so-called intrusive pat-downs, the TSA arrogantly continues its widespread excesses and vows to never stop, the Constitution be damned.
  • Finally, the very office of the president is now a refuge of tyrants gone wild. Obama, picking up where his predecessor left off, has flaunted the law. He has initiated and continued illegal wars and refuses to consult with Congress and the American people. He has issued numerous executive orders in violation of Congress and the very concept a government balanced by three branches.

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