Friday, October 15, 2010

Stupid people

The Teabaggers have certainly brewed up some interesting candidates for next month’s elections, and have proven their ability to manipulate and infiltrate the GOP.
From candidates who consider Social Security a ponzi scheme and consider eliminating the federal reserve, to those who want to ban “evil” black football jerseys and mock autistic children.  Who would’ve thought that the famous (infamous?) Republican quote uttered by Tricky Dick “I am not a crook” would be replaced with “I am not a witch”  by a candidate who would’ve become a Hare Krishna, but couldn’t give up meatballs?
Or that Ronnie Regan’s callous attitude toward homosexuals during the early days of the AIDS epidemic would be topped – thirty years later – by an openly adulterous NY gubernatorial candidate who states that gays are dysfunctional in the same casual way he’d order a donut in a deli. Reagan’s desire to see ketchup classified as a vegetable in school lunch programs seems rational  in comparison to alleged collegiate kidnapper Rand Paul’s hope to eliminate the Department of Education altogether. Maybe he was just stoned.  Again.
And no amount of military drag, or flight-suit-n-giant-codpiece ensemble donned by Dim Son during his eight year misadventure could equal a supposedly serious Congressional contender who enjoys dressing up like a Nazi.  No, seriously.  A Nazi SS officer, specifically.
Do you ever wake up and wonder where the hell you are?  How you fell down this particular rabbit hole?
Appropos for Halloween, this current crop of candidates are eerily similar to the characters on The Addams Family TV show: Some are creepy and kooky, some are spooky and ooky, but the truly terrifying aspect is that they are all imminently electable.   And as a result, their freaky philosophies are just a Tetley teabag away from being translated into law.  That makes them deadly dangerous.
So, when you find yourself laughing at the latest admittedly hysterical political ad by Christine The Good Witch, or shaking you head at the outrageous homophobia of Carl “Love Child” Paladino, bear in mind that -  comical they may be – they are far from harmless.
Remember the last time an amiable dunce/good ol’ boy assumed political office . . . two wars, tens of thousand dead, trillions of debt later . . . . be afraid, be very afraid

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