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Vote for the Looney Tune Party!

The Campaign Begins

The Campaign Begins

Now is the time to get excited


The Enthusiasm Gap
A liberal is someone who can't admit that they've won.
A conservative is someone who can't admit that they've lost
Much as been made of The Enthusiasm Gap. Essentially, Democrats aren't as excited about their candidates as Republicans (or teabaggers) are about theirs. That's because Democrats, at least the ones on the left, can't see their great success for the missed opportunities. Meanwhile, the Republicans, at least the ones on the right (or the ones on the extreme deep end) just can't see that everything they have done in the past thirty years has been a major failure.
Ronald Reagan, who had a terrible first two years, kept his base active by the by reminding supporters, We are the change.
Of course, Reagan and the right changed the US from being the world's largest creditor nation to the world's largest debtor. As I wrote here in 2003, Reagan campaigned for 16 years as a staunch defender of a balanced budget, but changed instantly to shove the largest budgest deficits up to that time, which created Cognitive Dissonance in his supporters: He literally drove the right crazy. By firing striking air traffic controllers, he helped change America to a place with strong workers into a trickle down nightmare that has done nothing but help the rich get richer while moving jobs overseas. He changed Carter's successful campaign to diminish the Soviet Union into one where he had to prop them up to justify his obscene debt. The Soviet Union eventually collapsed anyway, and Reagan's sycophants have been misassigning credit ever since. Reagan changed Carter's successul policy of not negotiating with terrorists which led to the suicide bombs in Beirut and eventually Al Queda and 9/11.
But I digress. A good list of Reagan's failures (and a few successes) in The Reagan Legacy. This is old news, but needs mentioning because Fox "News" and the mainstream media have been lying about Reagan/Bush/Bush for so long. The left, despite winning the last two elections, hasn't controlled the debate.
The right and the extreme right is not so much enthusiastic as angry. Angry at being so wrong. Angry at people who don't look like them. Angry at losing. So far, this is translating into votes.
Remember: Obama and the Democrats are the change. We want to continue moving forward.
So it's time. Time to A) revel in our victories, which have been many and B) time to be active, not reactive.
Be passionate! We're the good guys!

The accomplishments of President Obama and the 111th Congress controlled by the Democratic Party
The 111th Congress was very busy. Democrats did very well. Major accomplishments were many. A few highlights:
Quietly returning to a reality-based system of government
Thanks to Fox "News" and the 24-hour news cycle that covers the immediacy of the horserace and ignores context and consequence, Americans have a very short attention span and a very short political memory. Remember how bad Bush was? Remember than he just ignored the law and made signing statements and Executive Orders even if they were the opposite of what the law said? (Bush is another Big Government Republican who doesn't believe in State's rights... )Fortunately, adults are in the White House now. Some people were paying attention but the Democrats didn't control the debate enough to make more than a splash for doing the right thing. A few examples:
Moving forward
We are the change. In a very short amount of time, the good guys have undone a lot of damage created by the Bush administration and the Gingrich Congress. Obama and the Democrats have accomplished a lot. This isn't television where everything gets wrapped up in an hour and all issues come to a resolution before the credits. Politics is messy and ofttimes unpleasant. But you can't let go, or the bad guys win.
To be a conservative these days, one must believe lies and not believe the truth. As liberals and progressives, you have to live in the world G_d made; and you have to live in the country governed by people. My plan: Pay attention to people who were right in the past and marginalize those who have been consistently wrong. And let's face it: In almost every issue, liberals have been right and conservatives have been wrong. Say this often.
I'll have more of this later. For now, you need to start getting your dander up. This is an important election; they all are. You have an advantage over your right-wing friends: All you have to do is speak the truth.
If the Republicans take either the House or the Senate, disaster looms. Ensuring large majorities of sane legislators is the only way to keep America strong. Do your part.

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