Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I,________________, as a member of the Tea Party, take an oath that I

will not use "socialist" programs such as SS, Medicare, other medical coverage provided by the Feds,

take out loans from the Feds, use the Fed highways, roads, fire departments, use 911 emergency

system, the police departments, the Armed Forces will not protect me, will not use libraries,

schools, use cell phones, land phones since the use Fed money, over the air television or radio stations,

use the internet, use Fed workers to guide my plane to an airport, public transportation, etc.

Anything that uses Fed money, included free wood from national forest, hunting land, fishing resources,

camp grounds. I will also take a chance on the food I eat, the water I use, since I will have to

test it myself along with the waste water leaving my property.

If I am using or benefiting from any Fed program, I will immediately stop and return said


Sincerely,______________ Date___________

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