Tuesday, February 9, 2010


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The Truthdig Book Review Edited by Steve Wasserman
"Claire Wasserman on Europe’s Islamic Immigrants" -- Christopher Caldwell explores in his recent book what he terms Islam’s “adversary culture” now challenging Europe’s own sense of historical identity.


Tom Engelhardt on Obama and Afghanistan
"The Afghan Speech Obama Should Give (but Won’t)" -- President Obama will undoubtedly address the American people on whatever decision he makes about the war in Afghanistan. Every sign indicates that it will not sound like this.

California Watch: Crowded Classes Defeat Reform
"Despite Subsidies, Class Sizes Rise in California Schools" -- Most of California’s largest school districts are increasing class sizes in kindergarten through third grade, eroding the most expensive education reform in the state's history.


Joe Conason on the 9/11 Trial and Right-Wing Fear-Mongering
"What Is So Patriotic About Hysteria?" -- The loudest voices on the right never tire of telling us that they are the truest patriots, but when did fear-mongering in a time of war become an act of patriotism?

E.J. Dionne on Health Reform Delays
"GOP Obstruction Goes Unnoticed—and Unpunished" -- Democrats in the Senate may engage in collective suicide, but it’s Republicans who, with Machiavellian brilliance, have brought the country to a halt.

Ellen Goodman on Sarah Palin
"Lipstick on a Rogue" -- You have to hand it to Sarah Palin. I don’t mean you have to hand her the 2012 nomination. Nor do you have to hand her the $24.64 I overpaid for “Going Rogue.”

Ruth Marcus on Abortion and Health Reform
"Three Abortion Coverage Myths" -- Let’s dispense with three fallacies swirling about the question of abortion coverage in health care reform.

William Pfaff on U.S.-China Relations
"Enough G-2 Talk Already" -- I have never understood the widely touted idea or assumption of China-U.S. equality or partnership or joint rule of the world or superpower partnership that has dominated the press coverage of Barack Obama’s trip to Asia.

Eugene Robinson on 9/11 Trials
"Battlefield in the War of Ideas" -- If killing a terrorist in Kandahar creates one in Killeen, we’ll never make progress.

David Sirota on Broder's Moral Betrayal
"Intelligentsia Against Intelligence" -- Any hope that we aren't turning into a full-on slobbering idiocracy was snuffed out last week by two of the Washington intelligentsia’s most respected voices.

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