Saturday, November 7, 2009


New Articles

· Several restaurant chains are offering free meals to U.S. military personnel in conjunction with Veterans Day.

· Was ABC News' 20/20 co-anchor John Stossel fired for trying to air a piece critical of health care reform?

· What happened to the FOX News documentary on Barack Obama?

· Noah Biorkman, a 5-year-old boy battling cancer, wants to receive Christmas cards.

· Would a House bill require members of Congress to participate in a publichealth care plan?

· Photograph shows representatives playing solitaire on their laptop computers during a legislative session.

· Do influenza outbreaks of recent years correspond to Chinese astrologicalsymbols?

· Photographs capture images of white-coated moose.

· E-mailed list offers tips for avoiding contracting the swine flu.

· Don't forget to visit our Daily Snopes page for a collection of odd news stories from around the world!

Worth a Second Look

· Does a photograph show a tearful veteran embracing a wounded Marine?

Still Haunting the Inbox

· Some rumors about were debunked at

· Message promises consumers can receive free laptop computers from Ericsson for forwarding an e-mail to their friends.

· Postcard / Greeting Card virus.

· E-warning cautions that cell phone numbers are being sold to telemarketers.

· Claim that peeled onions placed about the home will fight off the flu virus.

· Does a government program provide free cell phones to welfare recipients?

· E-mail advises contacting police by calling #77 (or *677) on a cell phone.

· First Lady Michelle Obama has an unprecedented number of staffersworking for her.

· Warning about cash back charges being surreptitiously placed on WalMart customers' credit cards.

· Message lists criticisms of Barack Obama noticed by the public.

· Warning about a password-stealing Facebook virus.

· Mail Server Report virus.

· E-mail petition #2493 from Dr. James Dobson protests proposed ban on religious broadcasting.

· Actor/writer Ben Stein's commentary on the observance of Christmas.

· Warning about thieves armed with "code grabbers" breaking into cars by recording signals sent from remote keyless entry devices.

· Warning about 'Osama Captured/Hanged' computer virus.

· Warnings about scammers' running up long-distance charges by asking victims to press #-9-0 on their telephones or luring phone users into returning calls to numbers within the 809 area code.

· Account of Irena Sendler's saving 2,500 Polish Jews from the Holocaust.

· Promotion promises free cash or merchandise for forwarding an e-mail message.

· Message from Vietnam vet claims Target stores do not support veterans.

· Claim that Rep. Nancy Pelosi regularly travels to California on a 200-seat jet.

· Claim that the ACLU is seeking to have cross-shaped headstones removedfrom federal cemeteries.

· Plea to help find missing girl Ashley Flores.

· Comedian Bill Cosby's purported platform as a write-in candidate.

Fraud Afoot

· Seems like everyone has become the recipient of mysterious e-mails promising untold wealth if only one helps a wealthy foreigner quietly move millions of dollars out of his country. The venerable 419 Scam has discovered the goldmine that is the Internet. Beware: There's still no such thing as "something for nothing," and the contents of your bank account will end up with these wily foreigners if you fall in with this.

· Likewise, look out for mailings announcing you've won a foreign lottery you don't recall entering or claiming that because you share the surname of a wealthy person who died without leaving a will you're in line for a windfallinheritance.

· And be especially wary if, while trying to sell or rent anything online (car, boat, horse, motorcycle, painting, apartment, you name it) you're approached by a prospective buyer/renter who wants to pay with a cashier check made out for an amount in excess of the agreed-upon price and who asks the balance be sent to a third party.

· Aspiring work-at-homers promised big bucks for acting as intermediaries for international transactions wherein they cash checks for other parties or reship goods to them have been defrauded by con artists. Don't you be next.


Retiring_with_a_Plan said...

I'm only writing this as a comment because it is not possible to contact you on the blog directly.

No need to post this but if you could answer a question I have, I would really appreciate it.

I run the blog secondguessinglocal555, and have been worried for quite sometime that my union has taken several wrong directions of late.

My question: I have seen buses around the city with a bright red sideboard and backboard ads with the following printed in large letters: "Fred Meyer was wrong." I think it is pretty safe to assume, although I have not gotten close enough to the ads to see what else it reads or who sponsored it, who is responsible. In light of the spin they Local 555 is putting on the arrests several weeks back of "my" union leaders at the Hillsboro Fred Meyer, they seem the most likely candidates. How much do you suppose my local has spent on this type of advertising and if you don't know, could you direct me to a person at Tri-Met who would be willing to speculate as to the cost?

Any help would be appreciated and the true cost of the fruitless battle of egos must be told.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Petillo
Founder/Concerned Membership Committee

Saving UFCW Local 555

Al M said...

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