Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Dear AL,

Net Neutrality is within reach. Can you feel it?

Yesterday, the FCC chairman announced new plans to expand Internet protections at the agency -- a big step forward to safeguard Net Neutrality, the principle that ensures a free-flowing Web.

But powerful, well-funded corporations like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast have launched a massive campaign to stop the FCC rule and strong arm lawmakers from moving on the Net Neutrality bill. We can’t let them succeed.

Can you contribute $10 to protect Net Neutrality?

We are so close to making Net Neutrality the law of the land. For the price of a movie ticket, you can help us win.

If Free Press raises $100,000, a generous supporter will donate a matching $100,000 to our efforts. That means if just 10,000 people donate $10 each we’ll have the funds we need to begin a no holds barred push in Washington.

The industry opposition has over 500 lobbyists swarming D.C., and they’re spending millions of dollars to sink Net Neutrality at the FCC and in Congress. We have to counter their efforts.

Your contribution will help pay to:

- Lobby members of Congress to co-sponsor new Net Neutrality legislation;
- Compile a database that lets activists quickly track their lawmakers’ stance on Net Neutrality;
- Push back against industry spin in the media and on the Hill;
- Rally 2 million Net Neutrality supporters to contact Congress and the FCC; and,
- Use social networks, viral videos and new online tools to connect activists to one another and spread the word.

These steps are crucial, and without a well-funded campaign, we’ll be far less effective in Washington.

We need your contribution to rally our campaign.

Free Press has a plan to win and today’s news means we’re picking up momentum; but we need your help in this final push for Net Neutrality. That means we need $10 from everyone, including you. Together, we can make sure the Internet stays the way it should: free from corporate control.

It’s just the price of a movie ticket. Can you swing it? Please donate today


With thanks,

Josh Silver
Executive Director

P.S. Of course, we welcome donations above and beyond ten bucks. Could you purchase an entire movie theater? Donate the money

to us instead. Remember, every dollar gets us closer to the $100,000 matching donation.

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