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Interview with Expert on Dangers of Cell Phones Video: Interview with Expert on Dangers of Cell Phones
A professor of neuroscience is interviewed about the influence of cell phones on your health.

Why Large Amounts of Fruit May Not Be Healthy
For many people fruit may not be as healthy as you think.

You Need to Know This If You Eat Tyson Chicken
Beware as Tyson is using deceptive advertising to create a false impression of healthy, natural food.

Organic Consumers and Companies Harassed by Drug Agents and Police
Important information you need to know if you are traveling with organic products.

The Truthdig Book Review Edited by Steve Wasserman
"Richard Ellis on ‘Diagnosis: Mercury’" -- Thinking of eating tuna? You may change your mind after reading this convincing expose by Jane M. Hightower, a San Francisco doctor.

Marie Cocco on the Economy
"Bush’s Hoover Impression Flirts With Depression" -- At the earliest, it is likely to be at least February or March before the first dollar of an Obama recovery plan is felt. This is a national disgrace.

Joe Conason on Obama’s New Appointees
"Obama’s Shrewd Choices" -- Barack Obama’s appointees will implement the Obama program, not only because that is what he tells them to do but because that is what they have come to believe is best for the country.

E.J. Dionne on Obama and Foreign Policy
"Obama the Realist" -- In electing Barack Obama, the country traded the foreign policy of the second President Bush for the foreign policy of the first President Bush.

Eugene Robinson on the New Era in Politics
"The Peril and Promise of Interesting Times" -- If things get much more “interesting,” we might have a collective nervous breakdown. But along with the anxiety, there’s also a sense of rare opportunity—a chance to emerge better than we were economically, politically and socially.

David Sirota on Obama Anxiety
"Our Dear Leader" -- Judging by the proliferation of capital letters in the e-mail correspondence I receive, many seem worried that Barack Obama may not deliver the promised “change we can believe in.”

The History of Thanksgiving Video: The History of Thanksgiving
Don't miss this interesting and insightful take on the history of Thanksgiving that will make you think twice about all you have to be thankful for this year.

Who are Smarter -- Men or Women? Video: Who are Smarter -- Men or Women?
Fascinating insights into this age old question.

Just How Secure is Your Password?
This handy calculator can give an idea of how well you've secured your online accounts and lower your risk of online theft.

Statin Drugs: Another Industry-Sponsored Study, Another Deceptive Result
Is it true that statin drugs can lower your risk of heart attacks by over 50 percent, or is this simply another deceptive marketing ploy?

Robert Scheer on Obama's Pro-Greed Cabinet
"Obama Chooses Wall Street Over Main Street" -- Maybe Ralph Nader was right in predicting that the same Wall Street hustlers would have a lock on our government no matter which major party won the election. I hate to admit it, since it wasn’t that long ago that I heatedly challenged Nader in a debate on this very point.

Chris Hedges on Poverty in America
"Starving for Change" -- The swelling numbers waiting outside homeless shelters and food pantries around the country have grown by at least 30 percent since the summer. If Barack Obama continues to turn to the elites who created the mess, if he does not radically redirect the nation’s resources to assist the working class and the poor, we will become a third-world country.


Larry Gross on "Milk" and Hollywood's Treatment of Homosexuality
"Hollywood’s Closet Still Closed for Business" -- Gus Van Sant’s “Milk” is the first major Hollywood “gay themed” film since “Brokeback Mountain,” and moreover (unlike “Brokeback”), this one is about openly gay activists, not tortured closet cases. Yet, once again, the lead gay roles couldn’t be filled by openly gay actors. What’s going on here?

Sheerly Avni Reviews the New Film and a Classic Documentary
"Get Milk" -- Gus Van Sant’s “Milk” is a movie to be thankful for. Go see it, tonight if you can, and in a crowded theater. Then open up some merlot and watch the documentary “The Times of Harvey Milk,” by Robert Epstein—because these two films belong together.

Marie Cocco on Tobacco Control
"The Smoke Is Clearing" -- This week marks a decade since a consortium of state attorneys general negotiated the landmark settlement of lawsuits against tobacco companies. The results are in: Cigarette consumption has declined by 28 percent in the past 10 years.

E.J. Dionne on Obama and the Economy
"Obama’s E-Team" -- Obama’s selection of a team of highly skilled pragmatists has already been described as a move to the political center, but Obama advisers and longtime acquaintances say that this is a misreading of the incoming president and his approach.

Amy Goodman on Obama and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
"Tutu, Obama and the Middle East" -- As President-elect Barack Obama focuses on the meltdown of the U.S. economy, another fire is burning: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

William Pfaff on Obama and Bush’s Wars
"Bush’s Follies Will Destroy Obama If He Lets Them" -- Barack Obama has no choice but to accept responsibility for America’s foreign policy crises. But why should he accept them on the distorted and even hysterical terms by which the Bush administration has defined world affairs since 2001?

Eugene Robinson on the Pre-Inauguration Phase
"No One In Charge" -- Having two presidents is starting to feel like having no president, and that’s the situation we’ll face until Inauguration Day. Heaven help us.

Andy Borowitz on Obama’s Language Skills
"Obama’s Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy" -- In the first two weeks after the election, President-elect Barack Obama has broken with a tradition established over the last eight years through his controversial use of complete sentences, political observers say.

with all the financial activity it seems like review time
I remember some saying fed profits go to the gov't

buy at printing cost, sell at face plus interest;
do I have a deal for you!

same thing - more detail/background

Hotter than Black Friday... FREE Shipping Anywhere in the World! Video: For A Brighter Black Friday... A Full Week of Giving-Thanks!
See what Dr. Mercola’s cooking up to show you his Thanksgiving spirit...

Economic Impact on U.S. With Obama's Victory Video: Economic Impact on U.S. With Obama's Victory
Why Obama's future economic plan will not herald the change so desperately needed.

In Uncertain Times, Prepare Yourself for New Opportunities
What simple strategies can you use to improve your chances of succeeding in a down economy?

Sneaky Trick Now Used by Food Manufacturers
Food makers have creative ways of giving you less than what you think you're paying for.

Does the Flu Shot Even Work? Video: Does the Flu Shot Even Work?
Are you throwing your money away on a flu shot that does not prevent the flu?

Why Sunlight is Your Best Source of Vitamin D
New evidence reveals why cod liver oil may not be your best choice for vitamin D.
Paulson's Cascade of Lies
an explanation of structured finance simple enough even for me

an example of how the fda works coupled with how the gov't and
courts have been suborned plus info about Al Adask still kicking

The American History You're Not Supposed To Know

This is what is called, in the history biz, a revisionist history. American history, at least as far as the general public knows it, is in desperate need of revision, bringing what is taught and what is said about America's past more in line with the truth.

Making the World Safe For Hypocrisy is a chronology of the largely suppressed history of the United States. It is the history that good upstanding Americans are not supposed to know.

Almost everything you read here is based on publicly available information and most historians know all about it. And yet they remain strangely silent, allowing the fantasyland, propagandized version of American history and the fatuous pseudo-patriotic nonsense spewed by politicians and the mass media to stand unchallenged.

  1. 1620: Lie Number One, The Pilgrims
  2. 1763-1783: Lie Number Two, The American Revolution
  3. 1783-1799: Lie Number Three, The Miracle of Democracy
  4. 1800-1849: Thirty Five Invasions And A Genocide
  5. 1850-1859: Invasions, Racism, Slavery and Ethnic Cleansing
  6. 1860-1864: The Civil War, But First, Let's Kill Some Indians And Get Rid of the Jews
  7. 1865-1869: The Final Solution To The Indian Problem And The Invasions Keep On Coming
  8. 1870-1884: More Invasions, More Racism, More Ethnic Cleansing. Happy 100th Birthday America.
  9. 1885-1894: The U.S. Steals Hawaii, Four Thousand Lynchings, Shooting Workers in the Streets and Planning For a Splendid Little War
  10. 1895-1899: The Spanish-American War, A Sordid Little War
  11. 1900-1904: The Philippines, A Full Dress Rehearsal For Iraq
  12. 1905-1909: Treacherous Muslims and Ze Quest For Ze Master Race
  13. 1910-1912: Invasions, Apartheid, Lynchings, Censorship And The Quest For The Master Race But No Conspiracies
  14. 1913-1914: Destroying Democracy in Mexico and the Federal Reserve Scam
  15. 1915-1916: Dangerous Singers, Lynching Jews and Blacks Speaking French!
  16. 1917-1918: The Great War's A Wrap And Now We Set The Stage For Old Adolf Plus The Miracle Of Free Speech
  17. 1919-1920: A Summer Of Blood, Lynching Will Brown And J. Edna Hoover Takes The Stage
  18. 1921-1922: Setting Up The Hitler Project, Giving Away The Nation's Oil, Mass Murdering Black Americans And Poisoning All Americans
  19. 1923-1924: Destroying Rosewood, Racial Purity In Virginia And Prescott Bush And The Boys Get Old Adolf Started
  20. 1925-1926: Legislated Ignorance, Dupont's Supermen, Hoover In Drag And Murdering Nicaraguans
  21. 1927-1928: Sterilizing Americans, Slaughtering Miners, Making Your Boyfriend FBI Assistant Director, Invading China And Dive Bombing Nicaraguans
  22. 1929-1930: The Crash of '29--A Federal Reserve Production, Racist Pseudoscience, Murdering Workers (Again) And The Dulles Brothers Help Old Adolf
  23. 1931-1932: Admiring Mussolini, The Depression Ain't So Bad For Some, Murdering U.S. Veterans And Killing Puerto Ricans And Black People For Science
  24. 1933-1934: The Dust Bowl, Gangsters In Pinstripe Suits, Pimping For Hitler, The Merchants of Death And An All-American Coup
  25. 1935-ongoing: Arming The Nazis, Gangsters For Capitalism, Hanging Out With Hitler, Blackmailing Hoover And Truth, Justice Or The American Way
who would disbelieve our media

soma is coming, but in the meantime...

coming to the US?

by way of deception

half the "Gulf War I" vets on permanent disability by Nov 06
and a follow-up

how many voted for Zbig brother?

bigger is always better, eh?

view from outside

2nd source

Plus ca change...

A Futile Bailout as Darkness Falls on America

army combat unit, designed to confront an enemy within a war theater, redeployed within the USA one month before the presidential elections...hmmm

why not; it's easy

best jihadi recruiters

Derschitz and aipac will be in full screech

ass, with a GREAT quote from Martin Luther BY A JUDGE

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